Pole & Aerial Fitness Studio
2371 N. Green Acres Fayetteville, Arkansas 72703 Phone:(479) 856-4308 Email: info@thedivadive.com
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"Ladies, if you ever wanted to challenge yourself, both creatively and physically, and feel comfortable in your own skin, I strongly encourage you to give pole fitness a try. You will not be disappointed with the instructors at Diva Dive who take their own fitness and the quality of instruction very seriously. I've taken from both Lanie and Riley and greatly appreciate their willingness to make a beginner feel welcome and interested in coming back and an intermediate student challenged and encouraged by learning a beautiful and a difficult move or a lift. I myself never thought I would give pole fitness a try as I had been involved in a variety of other physical activities. However, I am glad Sally (a business partner) continued to encourage me to come to class. While I do consider myself to be serious about my fitness and exercise regularly I can tell you that pole fitness will work the muscles that you never thought you had before! Finally, if you ever had any doubts whether pole fitness will work your core and get you ready for a bikini show-off, just come by and take a look at the instructors themselves and how hard they work on improving their own physique and skills. Do no have regrets about things in life that you didn't do and sign up for a class!"
       - Stacey, Pole Fitness Student 1.5 years
"I have had an amazing opportunity to take pole dancing classes with two talented, inspiring, and beautiful instructors. Riley Warren and Lanie DeJarnatte have made my pole dancing experience wonderful, and I will always be thankful for that. Not only have I been getting a great workout from pole dancing, but I have also improved my flexibility and strength. Most important of all, I have had so much fun! I am currently taking private lessons with Riley and she is very patient and passionate about what she does. Pole dancing makes me feel I am part of something and I have been able to meet new people who share my love for pole dancing." 
       - Paulina, Pole Fitness Student 6 months

"As a girl, I've always found it a challenge to stay motivated to work out and exercise. I want to feel feminine and dainty instead of rough and bulky. Pole Dancing makes it easy to feel feminine, and sexy, and strong, and flexible, and a million other things. Pole dancing itself makes me want to be motivated, just so I can reach new goals and do beautiful things with my body. Since I have started pole dancing, I have found motivation to eat healthier and keep a consistent exercise routine and I am so proud of my health, energy, and body. Thank you so much Riley and Lanie! I couldn't ask for better instructors!"
       - Jordan, Pole Fitness Student 8 months 
"I have been taking pole classes for 2.5 years. Having Lanie as a teacher has been wonderful. Her experience in dance has given her the ability to watch a client perform a move and give them options of what may work better for them. The patience, knowledge, and support of Lanie as an instructor has kept me dancing." 
       - Nellie, Pole Fitness Student 2.5 years 

"After two years of pole dancing lessons with Lanie DeJarnatte, I can honestly say that I have learned more about what not just the human body can do, but of what my own body is capable. She has the unbelievable ability to pull apart the smallest parts of every movement, dissect them, and put them back together again; allowing her to help you perfect each move. But beyond this, her own grace and confidence in her students; the fact that she never shows any fear; makes you more secure in your own ability. Lanie is able to pull you own natural talent out of you, even if you feel you have none, and she makes pole dance feel like home. 
But beyond how wonderful Lanie is (and she is that), pole has truly changed my life in so many ways. I have made my best friends in pole and met a wonderful group of women, all while have a fun time getting fit. Nothing like pole exists out there. Nothing that brings women together and allows us to vulnerable without judgement. We cheer each others' accomplishments, no matter how small and I truly feel that these women are my family. I'm so grateful to have pole in my life."
      - Sarah, Pole Fitness Student 2 years 

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