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2371 N. Green Acres Fayetteville, Arkansas 72703 Phone:(479) 856-4308 Email: info@thedivadive.com
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Aerial Classes 
Fly Gym
Come fly with us! Our Fly Gym classes use soft and supportive fabric slings to suspend you in the air. Enjoy the feeling of weightlessness as you improve strength, gain body awareness, increase joint mobility, and decompress the spine. Each class will contain exercises for strength, in addition to flexibility, in a fun and safe environment. Fly Gym classes are open to both women and men. 

Pole Classes 
Intro/ Beginner 1 
These classes are for women who have never been to a pole fitness class and want to see what it is all about. It's a great way to come see the space and meet the instructors, while learning the very basics of pole fitness. You will learn the fundamentals of pole safety, and focus on strengthening your muscles in order to do a wide variety of spins. You'll also go over several transitional moves to make everything more fluid and graceful while conditioning your whole body. This class is required prior to taking any other pole classes.  

Beginner 2/Intermediate 1
After mastering all the moves, spins, and transitions in the Intro/Beginner 1 class, you're ready for the next step. In these classes you'll learn how to invert, how to do the more complicated spins and transitions, while continuing to work on strength and flexibility training. Must have teacher's permission to move up. 

Intermediate 2/Advanced 1 
These classes are for those who have completed previous levels and are ready for more. Learning the more complicated inverts and combinations strengthens the muscles to allow more time on the pole, and less time with your feet on the ground. Must have teacher's permission to move up. 

Sexy Flow 
In this class we will stay low to the ground with an emphasis on floorwork and bottom third pole work. We will cover transitions to and from the pole using spins, body waves, shoulder rolls and other slinky movements. This class is appropriate for all levels. It is recommended that you wear leg warmers or pants. Heels are welcome!
Strength Training 
Pole ConditioningWork on increasing your strength for that move you are trying to nail! This class will use the pole, your own body weight, and resistance bands to build lean functional muscles.  

Invert Drills
In this class you will build strength and stamina in order to beautifully execute your inverts. Exercises will focus on proper technique and endurance. For intermediate and advanced dancers. 

Ballet classes 
Barre These classes will help you achieve that 'ballet body'; it will not only strengthen your muscles, but lengthen them as well. 

Beginner Ballet - Adult beginner ballet classes are great for anyone looking to improve their posture, lines, and technique.

Additional Classes 

Stretching and flexibility 
Gaining strength means losing flexibility, which is not something we want to happen in the pole fitness world, so in this class we'll work on stretches to get our splits as well as increase our range of motion in our shoulders. Women and men are welcome to take this class. 

Open Pole 

Open pole allows you time to come into the studio and work on anything you would like. An instructor will be present, but you will not learn anything new, you are simply there to get some extra practice time. This is highly recommended to those who do not have their own pole at home. This class is open to all levels and dancers who have attended Intro to Pole.  

Private Lessons 
Private lessons are for those who want even more time on the pole, some one-on-one time with an instructor, or an hour of studio time to themselves. You and up to 3 friends can book the studio for a private lesson to focus on whatever you feel needs more attention. Private lessons are great for those who need help putting together a dance or routine for competition. 

Private lessons may not be booked during regular class time. Private lessons must be booked via email.    

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